For over 90 years, and serving Salinas since 1919…

A member of the Beck family has been at the helm of the family business in downtown Salinas. Shoe repairing has been the backbone of our family business for more years than not.

Ole P. Beck, my grandfather, bought an existing business in Salinas in 1919 adjacent to the Abbott House (later known as the Caminos Hotel). Ole was Danish and had been recently discharged from the U. S. Army after fighting in the European theater in WWI. Beck’s has occupied various store fronts on Main Street starting in the 100 block and finally moving to the 300 block in 1955. Beck’s has prospered over the years even with the depression, WWII, Vietnam, agriculture strikes, lousy times, but also some very good times. Salinas and the valley are somewhat protected from the major swings of the world’s economy.

Over the years Beck’s has focused the business as a destination for the working man and woman selling shoes, boots, clothing and all the assorted accessories. We still have a full service repair shop in house that keeps Beck’s well connected to their roots. Now Beck’s has a new store front, a cyber store, an address on the World Wide Web at taking Ole’s dream far beyond what he had ever envisioned!!

The Becks that have served over the years: Christian (Ole’s father, deceased) Ole (deceased) Walter (Ole’s son, deceased) John (Ole’s son, retired) William (Ole’s son, retired) Jim (John’s son and still working) Jim Beck 2009